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LOVETICA family believes in non-toxic, high-quality skincare designed for the modern men and women of our generation. We ourselves understand the everyday busy lifestyles of urban people. That is why we have created a unique line of products that are aimed to combat the every-day effects of pollution and stress. Living in large cities around the world, takes a toll on our skin each and every day. Pollution and traffic-related particles are associated with skin aging, wrinkles and pigment spot formation. But, don’t worry we love the city and we have a solution for its inevitable effects.


LOVETICA Beauty prides itself with formulating a cosmetic line made of natural ingredients, carefully sourced, to create the best possible products. Simply put; together with our team of industry experts, we formulate, design and manufacture all of our products in our lab located in Toronto Canada. We are true believers of Mother Nature’s power to combat the effects of daily harming factors on our skin. Our products are created to soothe, nourish, strengthen skin and allow its natural radiance to come life, hiding any signs of aging. Since we have tested our products ourselves, we know they are highly effective and provide powerful results, all naturally without any harm to your body. Our commitment to nature reflects not only in our products but also in everything we do. Our packaging is eco-friendly, our cosmetics are free of parabens, harmful additives, colours and toxic preservatives, never tested on animals and made from scratch in Canada.


We believe in the powerful benefits of all-natural ingredients and formulate our products to deliver ultimate results. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced from only the most trusted sources.


We love the city life and understand the everyday busy lifestyles of our generation. Our skincare line is designed to protect the skin against harmful radicals and infusing it with powerful anti-oxidants to protect, nourish and rejuvenate.


We believe that toxic chemicals, parabens and additives have no place in skincare. All of our products are safe and made without the use of toxic ingredients.

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Excellent customer care. All questions and requests are answered within 24 hours.


If you’re not blown away with our products, just ask for a refund any time within 30 days of ordering.