Why using all-natural lip balm matters

lovetica's all-natural lip balm

When it comes to taking proper care of our lips, what we put on them is beyond important. What goes on our lips perpetuates into the rest of our body and it is exactly for this reason why we have to pay special attention to using natural and beneficial ingredients. Our highly absorbent lips need to receive the right amount of nutrients in order to stay moisturized and naturally plump. A lack of proper lip care can lead to chapping and dryness; over time causing the skin surrounding lips to loose elasticity. Dryness and loss of elasticity lead to premature aging and causes fine lines around the mouth area. This can all be easily prevented with the right lip balm treatment that should be continuously applied to lips throughout the day; especially when skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

What makes the difference?

Numerous conventional lip balms on the market contain petroleum synthetic oils in their ingredient lists which are suspected carcinogens and harmful for our bodies. They can also contain parabens, unknown fragrances and other ingredients which you really don’t want to be putting on your lips. An all-naturally formulated lip balm that is chemical free and filled with nutrients is an essential element of your daily skin care routine. It is important to replace synthetic oils with natural ones such as olive oil, beeswax, and essential fruit oils. It’s the natural ingredients that keep our lips healthy and nourished.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oillovetica hemp-seed-oil natural skincare

Hemp seed oil is packed with moisturizing and protecting benefits and is known to be most nutritional of all oils. This powerful ingredient provides the right balance of essential fatty acids and essential amino acids as well as a natural source of vitamin D and E. Easily absorbing hemp-oil provides moisture and a perfect ratio of omega-6 omega-3 fatty acid and alpha-linoleic acid, all of which are potent ingredients making lips soft and soothed. Hemp seed oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and is a dominant fighter of skin inflammations. It provides natural protection against UV sun exposure and tissue damage. It’s highly absorbing properties provide the right amount of moisture and antioxidants for the skin leaving it soft, smooth and detoxified.

In order to achieve luscious and moisture-rich lips, we recommend using LOVETICA’s “Ultimate Protector” hemp-oil lip balm. The vitamin E enriched hemp oil lip balm is the perfect solution for chapped and dry lips. Add this lip balm to your usual beauty routine to accomplish the “irresistible lips” look and apply prior to using lipstick or gloss for ultimate results.

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