How to Deal with Dry Winter Skin in 7 Simple Ways


Hate the uncomfortable feeling of dry winter skin? It’s time to switch your beauty routine and adjust to the cold temperatures.

Winter is here and as the temperatures begin to drop our skin starts to feel the effects. Chapped lips? Dry face? Cracked hands? The discomforts start to add up but can be avoided with simple changes in your regular routine.  Taking extra care of your skin when the temperatures drop is crucial to keeping your skin glowing and youthful even during the coldest days.


  1. Increase Moisturizing. Since our skin tends to be dry during these winter months, increasing your moisturizing routine is necessary. The best way to keep moisture in your body is to apply an all natural butter to your skin immediately after coming out of the shower. While our skin is still damp, it will absorb more moisture than once fully dried. Carry a small portion of lotion in your bag and reapply to your hands and forearms throughout the day to keep your skin from drying. Keep in mind that the areas of your skin that are exposed to harsh weather and winds, such as hands and face, require more moisture than other parts. Therefore, a heavier moisturizer filled with essential oils, and powerful actives, should be used during winter months. Another great way to keep your skin glowing during winter is by using nourishing and moisturizing face masks. Some great DIY face masks are easy to make at home with ingredients you can find in your fridge and cupboards such as avocado, yogurt, honey, olive and jojoba oils.
  2. Exfoliate. Although it may seem illogical to exfoliate while you suffer from dry skin, the truth is quite contrary. However, we are referring to gentle exfoliation to get rid of dead, dry skin that has built up and is blocking moisture from penetrating through. Your moisturizer will be more effective in keeping your face from drying when skin is exfoliated. During winter opt in for super-gentle exfoliators so you do not damage your skin and strip it off its essential oils.
  3. Take care of your lips. One of the most exposed areas of your skin to the harsh winds and cold temperatures are your lips, so it’s no wonder they suffer the most. It is important to keep your lips properly moisturized with nourishing oils and protective ingredients. One of the best oils out there that keeps your lips hydrated as well as protected is hemp seed oil. It is also crucial to use an all natural lip balm that is free of petroleum and other harsh chemicals that only provide a temporary solution. A proper lip balm regiment in your beauty routine will help keep your lips moist, nourished and less likely to chap, keeping them beautiful throughout winter.
  4. Drink more water. As important as it is to give your skin extra moisture during dry months, it is equally crucial to also hydrate your body. During winter we tend to forget to drink as much water as we usually do during hot summer days. Make sure you keep your regular intake of 8-10 glasses of water a day which can also be substituted by antioxidant drinks such as green tea. Keeping your body hydrated from within is crucially important to keep your skin glowing from within.
  5. Avoid hot shower. On a cold day, you can’t wait to take an extra hot shower or bath to warm up your whole body. Even though this may seem like a comforting feeling during winter months, it is not doing your skin any favors. Quite worse, it is stripping your already stressed skin of its essential oils and moisture it works so hard to keep. This may cause your skin to be itchy, dry and irritated. Therefore, turn down the temperature on your tap and shower with a lukewarm water to preserve oils in your skin.
  6. Turn on the humidifier. The dry indoor air during winter months tends to dry out our skin even more. Keeping a humidifier on in your house, especially your bedroom, is beneficial in keeping moisture in the air. This will help with preventing your skin from drying out.
  7. Protect and cover up. Keeping your hands and face covered when exposed to harsh colds and winds is helpful in keeping your skin protected from these aggressors. It is also important to stay away from any harsh chemicals especially in the cosmetics we are relying on to protect and soothe us. Don’t use any harsh laundry detergents and chose natural fabrics such as cotton and flannel as your choice of clothing to avoid contact with synthetic fibers which can be irritating to the skin.

With these simple 7 tricks you can get through the winter months a bit easier, or at the very least, with a healthy glow on your face.