Every woman’s 8 Valentine’s Day Must-Haves

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so we better use this time to get prepared for the most romantic day of the year. Every girl wants to feel special on this day and impress the love in her life. Here’s a list of essential must-haves for the special day:

Marciano’s Velvet corsage Dress
  • Sexy Dress

It’s the one day of the year where you want to bring out the sexiest piece of clothing in your closet. A pretty dress is always the best choice especially in the tones of red, pink or black. You also can’t go wrong with a little bit of lace to keep it romantic. Dress it up with a pair of high heels and you will look irresistible.

Essie’s ‘Shearling Darling’
  • Deep Red Nail Polish

A deep red nail colour screams “sexy goddess” and will surely catch your partner’s attention. Women’s nails are an important part of the body as it is one of the first aspects men notice. Tones and shades of red on Valentine’s day work the best as they match the mood of this romantic holiday, and hopefully, of the roses he gets you.

Nars’ Scarlet Empress
  • Wine Coloured Lip stick

A wine coloured lipstick is a perfect colour and pairing with your sexy dress and red nails. It also comes in handy if you are drinking red wine during dinner. Deep and dark lipstick colours are the hottest make-up trends of the moment, so why not try it out on Valentine’s Day. The darker tones make your lips stand out more than lighter ones and your love won’t be able to keep his eyes off your beautiful lips.

Peppermint Lemon Natural Lip Balms
Lovetica’s All-Natural Lip Balms
  • Moisturizing Lip Balm

One essential You cannot forget about on Valentine’s Day is a moisturizing lip balm as your base and throughout the night go-to lip saver. The last thing you want on this day are chapped and dry lips. Using an all-natural lip balm made of moisturizing oils will keep your lips conditioned and luscious throughout the night.

Joe Malone’s White Jasmine & Mint Cologne
  • Sensual Perfume

If you want to make an irresistible impression right away the key is to wear a tantalizing perfume. The scent of a woman is extremely important and on Valentine’s Day skip your everyday perfume and bring out a bit of mystery with a new scent. Keep in mind to spray it on the key spots of your body including the neck, wrists, behind ears and inside your elbows. These are your pulse points where your body heat will activate the perfume scent and make it last all day.

Best Travel Deodorant
Lovetica’s Natural Deodorant
  • Fresh Natural Deodorant

Applying perfume is important but don’t forget about the deodorant. It’s especially crucial to use a natural one that detoxifies your body and doesn’t clog your pores (which make odor smell worse). A natural deodorant will neutralize odor and keeps you feeling fresh throughout the night. Using an unscented one is recommended especially if you plan to wear a great perfume which you want to stand out.

  • Volumizing Mascara

Now that we got the lips, nails and scent covered, let’s make one more great impression with our eyes. A volumizing mascara is the key to highlighting your gaze and making your eyes look bigger and more tantalizing. Applying a thicker layer than ussual will give you a more dramatic effect.

And there you have it ladies, keep theseessentialss in mind as you get ready for your special romantic day of the year.