TOP 5 Beauty Essentials NOT to forget for your vacation

Beach Vacation EssentialsWith your ticket booked, hotel chosen and days off scheduled, its time to start packing. Vacation packing can get quite stressful and we often forget the essentials in the midst of it, especially when travelling from a cold weather country like Canada to the southern warm destinations. If you are going to the beach be sure not to forget these 5 essentials:



This is an obvious essential to any beach destination, but be sure to chose one that not only protects your skin from sub burn and damage but one that also hydrates and moisturizes. Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration’s formula does a great job protecting and moisturizing and leaving your skin silky soft.


All Natural Lip Balm

As much as you need to protect your body and face from sun damage, it’s important not to forget about your lips. Using an all-natural lip balm on your vacation is crucial in keeping your lips protected, moisturized and nourished. We recommend Lovetica’s all natural lip balm as it is made from hemp-oil which contains a natural SPF protection and keeps your lips soft and luscious throughout your stay.


After Sun Lotion

After a long day spent in the sun, your skin is thirsty for hydration and that is why an after sun lotion is a key to keeping your skin moisturized. An after sun lotion repairs and conditions your skin from an all day sun exposure and keeps your tan longer-lasting.


Natural Deodorant

Being out in the sun all day and taking in all the heat can get you quite sweaty throughout the day. Be sure to pack a natural deodorant that will keep you odor-free and refreshed all day long. Stay away from non-natural antiperspirants that contain aluminum as they clog your pores and make the sweat problem even worse. We recommend Lovetica’s natural deodorant which offers the protection you need while detoxifying your body in the process. Don’t’ forget to pack this essential in your bag.


Hair Mist

Salt water, strong sun, and humidity all have an impact on our hair. Keeping your hair in check during vacation can be quite challenging, that is why a moisturizing hair mist can do the trick. Spraying it on your strands throughout the day will keep them frizz-free, moisturized and conditioned. Love + Salt’s Beach Hair and Body mist is a great addition in your beach bag.
There you have it, packing these 5 beauty essentials in your travel bag will ensure you are protected and properly moisturized while taking in the warm sun and enjoying the ocean.  Enjoy your trip.